Current Prayer Quilt



The photo above is the prayer quilt I am currently stitching. In October 2017 I began to plan the design and gather supplies. Some of the first signers were attendees and leaders at a Fresh Grounded Faith Women’s Conference.
In November we went on a family vacation to visit my sister and her family at Thanksgiving. As our travel companion the quilt moved across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and into Georgia. We also took a side trip into Tennessee and North Carolina to drive the Tail of The Dragon! The drive is only 11 mountainous miles but 318 turns on highway 129!
The quilt and I are constant companions, and where I go the quilt goes. At this point I must say the family, especially Marshall realizes “the quilt” will be ever present as we go. God has given me this unique prayer quilt ministry. It is a simple mission. There are people all around me everywhere I go. They all could use a prayer or two. Without fail everyone I have asked to sign my quilt has obliged my unusual request. Young, old, black, white and all shades in between have taken a scrap of cloth and a pen in hand to scribble their name on some random quilt belonging to a person they don’t know!
It has been a marvelous adventure to see people’s response to the quilt and the offer of unsolicited prayers. We have laughed and cried over the results of my simple request for a signature. Often, we get glimpses into humanity that without the quilt we not be privilege to. Over and over GOD has provided Divine appointments that have tremendously impacted all concerned.
Who knows as we travel the highways and byways of Texas on our Friday adventures or journey farther away from home a gray headed lady just might ask you to sign her quilt!

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