September 2019

Quick 5 Minute Fall Craft

May 2019

As You Go Where You Don’t Want To Go  Susan
Rain!  Susan
26 Rivers!   Susan

February 2019

Sew Monday – My Stitched Journey: The Edge of the Forest  Susan
Laptop Thief or Long Lost Friend (A Prayer Quilt Story) Susan

January 2019

New Beginnings Devo   Susan
Merry Christmas, and Sign my Quilt!  Susan
Sew Monday -My Stitched Journey  Susan
Sew Monday – My Stitched Journey: The Lighthouse Susan
Sew Monday – My Stitched Journey: Ships at Sea  Susan

December 2018

Blessed  Marshall
Advent Week 1 HOPE? Susan
Sew Monday #14  Susan
Advent Week 2 – PREPARATION Susan
Sew Monday #15  Susan
Advent Week 3 – JOY  Susan
Sew Monday #16  Susan
Sew Monday #17 Susan
Advent 2018  Susan
Sew Monday, But It’s Wednesday!  Susan
Sew Monday, But It’s Thursday  Susan
Sew Monday, But It’s Friday!  Susan
Sew Monday, But It’s Saturday!  Susan

November 2018

Sew Monday #10  Susan
Changing Colors/Changing Plans  Susan
Sew Monday #11 Susan
Sew Monday #12 Susan
Sew Monday #13  Susan
My First Advent  Susan

October 2018

Sew Monday #5  Susan
Boo!! Susan
What I Am Not Packing in My Suitcase!  Susan
A Walk in the Park, OH MY!  Susan
Serendipity Happens!  Susan
Sew Monday #6  Susan
The Road Less Traveled  Marshall
Sew Monday #7  Susan
Sew Monday #8  Susan
Sew Monday #9  Susan

September 2018

Burgers, Turtles and a Texas Sheriff  Susan
Sew Monday – Treasured Hearts #1  Susan
Sew Monday – Treasured Hearts #2  Susan
Sew Monday #3  Susan
Sew Monday #4  Susan

August 2018

Fresh Start  Susan

July 2018

Dwelling in the Shadow  Susan
Anticipation  Susan
All American Porcupine Races!  Susan
Prayer Power   Susan

June 2018

Easy? Hard? Easy! Susan
I Can Have My Pie, And Eat It, Too!  Marshall
Big Road Trip, Small Budget!  Susan
Tinker Town and Broken Hearts  Susan
The Turquoise Highway and Beyond  Marshall

May 2018

A Message from God Susan
Fabric Scrap Messages  Susan
Hummingbirds, Thunderstorms and Mother’s Day  Susan

April 2018

Prayer, Embroidery Hoops and Kitchen Towels Susan
Spontaneous Adventure  Susan
Learning Things  Susan

March 2018

My Mom was a Hairdresser  Susan
On the Road Again, to Serving Others   Susan
Challenges=Dreamy Blessings  Susan
65 or Bust!  Susan
Traveling with Good Directions  Marshall
Bluebonnet Season: A Time of Hope  Susan

February 2018

Hand Gestures and Body Language   Susan
Dogs and Cats and Henry Winkler! Susan
Utah, Tattoos and Ice Cream Susan

January 2018

Bridge Over Troubled Waters Marshall
French Quarter Ghost Tour, Bloody Forehead, No Extra Charge! Susan
All I Want is a Simple Adding Machine! Susan
The Three Amigos!  Marshall
Owl Drug Susan
I am Marshall Marshall
Meet Susan and Marshall Susan
Bathroom Confetti Susan
Ophelia  Susan
Last Year – Paris, This Year – Italy  Marshall
Road-trip to Suzzett’s Fabric, Quilts and More  Susan
Candies, Hand-delivered from God  Susan
Chocolatey Friday Adventures  Susan
The Invisible Maid  Susan
You Must Be the Quilt Lady!  Susan
Why We Do What We Do  Marshall
Four Biker Dudes in Our Hotel Room! Susan
“Thank you for your service”  Marshall
A Cluster of Windmills! Susan
Saint Jo, Texas Road-trip   Susan
The Dancing Hat  Susan
Windmill Hunting  Susan
A Happy Restroom Sink  Susan
AWOL Needles  Susan
The Little Green House in the Pasture   Susan
Friday Adventures!  – Marshall
Happy New Year!   -Susan
Could It Be Queen Latifah?  – Susan

December 2017
The Runaway Waitress!  Susan
Carousel Hunting!   Susan
Shouting At The Cutting Table!   Susan
A Cup of Coffee, A Cup of Blessing  Susan
Would You Do Me A Favor? Susan
Dancing In My Head  Susan
Road Tripping With A Suction Cup Sewing Kit … it might be dangerous!  Susan
What We Left Behind  Susan
Cutting up a Yard of Fabric to Make a Yard of Fabric!?  Susan
New Beginnings  Susan
Thank you, Uncle Sam  Marshall
Road-trip Legacy  Susan
How It All Began Susan

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