Quick 5 Minute Fall Craft

I am so ready for fall! Toward the end of summer Texas experienced a triple-digit heat wave for several weeks in a row. The heat was stifling and everyone was ready for cooler temperatures. In an effort to lighten the mood and focus on cooler temperatures to come, I put together this quick and easy fall centerpiece. Here’s what I did:

  • Take a trip to your local craft and hobby shop to pick out the items that make you smile and think of cool temperatures.
  • I knew I wanted something that included candles, I’ve always wanted to try flame-less candles and when I saw these on sale I snatched them up.
  • Next I already had the wooden tray so all I needed was a filler around my candles. These fall inspired sparkly balls caught my eye.
  • Back at home I gathered all my supplies, then began to open packages. 

Placing the candles and the sparkly fall colored balls didn’t take long at all. But when I picked up each candle to turn it on and see what it looked like the balls all rolled to where the candles were and it was impossible to get the candles back where they belong without taking all the balls out! This was a problem! To solve the problem I set my candles in clear glass ramekins to act as a barrier to balls. Problem solved!

I only used one and a half bags of the balls. So now I will have to do another project! Also as you will see I chose to not use the table runner as it seemed to compete with all the color going on in the wooden tray.

FALL we are ready for you and cooler temperatures!


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