#FridayAdventures – Side Saddles and Women’s Lib at Fort Belknap


Our recent Friday adventure to Fort Belknap was surprising in many ways. The Fort had  fascinating and interesting things for both Marshall and I. The museum on the grounds, while small, holds many treasures. A collection of side saddles caught my eye first, actually the hand work on the saddle caught my eye. It looks like delicate Petit point! You can actually see the needlepoint canvas where some stitches have unraveled away from use! Oh how I wish that saddle could tell me about it’s maker!

As I turned away from the saddles my attention was drawn to a display case. On the top shelf was a early 1900’s book titled” What a Girl Can Make and Do”. It seems this book was very controversial. The book contains many  chapters on DIY projects much like we would have today only appropriate to the technology of that time. The controversial part comes with the chapter entitled ” You can have a bank account”. This was practically unheard of at this time. The book gave advice on how to manage your household budget and how to run a business, also things that were not appropriate for women in the early 1900s. Oh how interesting! Since I am currently doing  all those things I would be in trouble! Girls we have come a long way!


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