Sew Monday – My Stitched Journey: The Edge of the Forest

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Our travels have taken us through many forests. I wish I had taken the time to document all the forests we have traveled through. I asked Marshall how many forests he thought we have traveled through. After some thought he said hundreds! I questioned that statement. We have driven through 37 of the 50 United States seeing many forests from cedar covered hills in New Mexico to dense pine forests in other regions. Then we can’t forget the forests we explored while living in Germany, or the many times we drove from Texas to Vancouver, Canada.

I must say I enjoy being in the mountains and the forest. Give me trees!  I love the way the light plays on the trees in a forest. You have such contrast, Shadows and Light. Many times, the roads are twisting and turning through a Forest. Each turn seems to present a more spectacular view than the last. We almost always see deer and other wildlife. The wind as it moves through the trees makes sounds all its own. Sometimes a soft hum, other times an impressive crescendo!

Let the fields and their crops burst out with joy! Let the trees of the forest sing for joy
Psalms 96:12 NLT

When I am in a forest it is easy for me to find myself in an attitude of worship. It seems my soul is more open to hear God Speak, see God’s handiwork, and Praise His magnificent holy name!

Written by Susan

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