Sew Monday – My Stitched Journey: The Lighthouse


This block features a lighthouse amid palm trees and sandy shores. Whales swim on the background fabric. A lot of CRAZY quilt stitching is going on with buttons charms and beads. This block was so much fun to stitch! The appliqued lighthouse has a path leading to a vintage blue deer button! A silver turtle and her little ones are heading to the sea while a curious cat watches.  I enjoy the freedom to let my imagination run wild!

Most of the scenes I stitch are loosely based on places we have been and things we have seen. We visit my sister in Georgia frequently. During several of these trips we chose to take a more scenic route home. That frame of mind has taken us to the Gulf of Mexico via interstate 10. Lighthouses pop up as you drive beside sandy beaches.

Lighthouses intrigue me and take me to a time and place of romantic swashbuckling adventures. They also remind me of scripture.

Jesus tells us  He is the light for the world.

While I am in the world, I am the light for the world.”
John 9:5 GNB

Just like the lighthouse provides light to guide ships through the darkness so Jesus and his mighty word guides us to safety and security.

Written by Susan


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