Sew Monday #17


Sew Monday #17! Oh I love this block. I love everything about it the covered button the Rick rack all the buttons in the center I just love this block! Pink rick-rack holds the heart onto the chocolate brown background. The Rick rack is appliqued using Straight Stitch and French knots. A smaller heart is in the center of the bigger heart. This Heart boasts a cluster of contemporary and vintage buttons along with beads. Pekinese Stitch holds the smaller heart in place. Dainty beads give the background heart texture.

I have enjoyed using covered buttons in projects. It has not always been the case. Covered buttons intimidated me. In the beginning I just could not seem to get it all together holding the fabric in place, getting the back on, making the fabric secure, I would get the button finished and then everything would pop loose, it was horrible. But then I found a new and improved covered button kit that has all the things you need to hold the button, the fabric, and the back of the button in place while you secure it all together. It is marvelous! Now I look for places to use covered buttons, they are so much fun and easy to make.

“Blessed are those …… whose sins have been covered.”  Romans 4:7 NASB

Written by Susan

2 thoughts on “Sew Monday #17

  1. It looks great ! Love the colors all together.


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