Sew Monday #12


Treasured Hearts series #12! This simple block is one of my favorites. The blue satin ribbon was purchased at a garage sale in a shoe-box marked ‘lace.’ The box was tied up with string and a $2 price tag attached. The young women managing the garage sale would not allow me to look in the box. They said it was full of lace. The box did seem to be full, or possibly empty, it made no noise when shook. I have always enjoyed a surprise bag, or in this case a box!

When I was a young girl my grandmother and I would walk to town once a week. She would go to the bank and the library.  If I was lucky we would stop at Woolworth’s for a treat. At the time Woolworth’s sold nickel surprise bags. One for boys and one for girls. Oh, what fun to tear into that bag and see what treasure waited!

I guess that day at the garage sale I was in a nostalgic mood. The idea of not knowing what treasure might wait for me inside the shoe box was all it took. I handed over my $2. Once in the car I couldn’t wait any longer. I opened my treasure box and what did I find inside? It wasn’t lace!

The box was full of ribbon and rick rack! Lace would have been nice, but ribbon and rick rack hold the same place in my stitchers heart. It was a treasure box after all! The wide blue satin ribbon was in that box. And I knew right away I would use it on something special. The circle belt buckle is one I found in a tin belonging to my mother, along with other metal buckles and sewing paraphernalia.

The satin ribbon is hand appliqued to the heart. The heart itself is attached to the chocolate brown background fabric with scallops of bullion stitches. A collection of buttons are clustered in the corner for interest. Seed bead trios add texture and interest to the background.

Therefore, stand! Have the belt of truth buckled around your waist.  Ephesians (Eph) 6:14 CJB

Written by Susan

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