Changing Colors/Changing Plans

Its official we are an OLD MARRIED COUPLE! We just celebrated 48 years with a weekend getaway to the Texas Hill Country. We planned our adventure around both our actual wedding anniversary and the fall color change. Sometimes, or should I say most of the time things don’t go exactly as planned. I would say that statement could sum up the last 48 years. When things don’t go the way we planned it can and has been devastating. On the other hand the unplanned spontaneous things can prove to be exactly what you needed.

After 48 years of ups and downs and level ground I have learned to accept that plans do not always work out the way you expect. This anniversary trip was no different! We excitedly anticipated wonderful fall colors. In years past this would have been the peak time to see brilliant red, orange, and yellow. The fickle Texas weather had other ideas this year. A heat wave and then flooding rains affected the fall foliage. The leaves were beginning to change color but we did not witness the vibrant fall display we had hoped for.

Plans change. What we did find was beautiful in its own right. Due to the recent heavy rainfall the rivers and creeks were all running strong. The grass was vivid green and wildflowers had sprung up along the roadside and in pastures! The flowers and moisture provided the perfect resting place for monarchs migrating to Mexico for the winter. We stopped to take pictures of the flowers and discovered the monarchs! There were so many butterflies you couldn’t begin to count them! We stood among the wildflowers with the flittering and floating butterflies in awe of God’s creation.
Written by Susan

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