Serendipity Happens!

Webster defines serendipity as “luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for”. We experienced serendipity today as we were on our way to Palestine Gardens! About half way to our planned destination we stopped for a restroom break. As we slowed down approaching the convenience store we saw a small sign for  D’lo, Mississippi. Visiting D’lo has been on Marshall’s bucket list since we watched a season of Small Town, Big Mayor. It’s a reality show about this really small town D’Lo and the larger than life mayor and his 95 point program of improvements for his beloved town.

D’Lo was just 3 miles away so off we went! Sure enough there it was in all its small town charm. We recognized City Hall, the gazebo and park where much of the show centered around. In one episode the mayor installed lights in the gazebo. Of course we took a picture! In another episode goats were running lose all over town. As I remember the goats were supposed to save the town money by eating the grass in the park around the gazebo but it went horribly wrong, but made for a great episode!

We enjoyed our self-guided tour of D’Lo and remembering the antics of a dedicated and determined small town mayor. Our serendipitous detour reminded me of the values America was built on. Taking pride in what you have. The homes both grand and modest were well kept, inviting and neighborly. Folks waved or nodded a hello from their yards. Friendship and caring for community were staples in my grandmother’s day. Sadly many of us don’t know our next door neighbors name!

As I sit here thinking about D’Lo and the sad state of affairs in many neighborhoods I realize there are still many good and compassionate folks. As I have asked people to sign my quilt the response has been incredible. Over and over again people’s prayer concerns are not selfish, but rather centered around other’s needs. In the past 2 days folks have shared concerns for desperately ill friends and family. Some are so burdened by a friend’s deep need they can only give the person’s name as tears well up. When they do ask for themselves it has been so they can be a blessing to others. This is not always the case, but so far this trip I am experiencing good and gracious folks that have blessed me and made me proud of my fellow humans!

Written by Susan

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