A Walk in the Park, OH MY!



Just a block away from our hotel is Restoration Park. This beautiful wetland park is both recreational and friendly to the environment. This 10 Square mile park was once an ugly strip mine. The city of West Monroe has developed a beautiful place for visitors and residents alike to enjoy. The bird sculpture first attracted me to this place. I had no idea about its history or current contribution to the environment.

After dinner tonight, we decided to take a stroll in the park. When we started our excursion around the park it was about 6:00, with plenty of daylight as you can see by my pictures. The deeper we walked into the wooded park the more we wanted to explore.

The boardwalk that spanned the entire wetland area was fascinating. The walkway guided us along twisting and turning its way past water lilies and wildlife both seen and some creatures we only heard! As we left the boardwalk we took a graveled pathway through a wooded area.

Once in the woods it was clear we had spent more time on the boardwalk than we had anticipated. It was dusk, and the trees blocked any light from the path! It would soon be pitch black. I had no idea how to get back to the parking lot where our car was!! Thankfully I was not alone Marshall was there! Marshall wasn’t lost he knew we were in West Monroe, but exactly where he wasn’t sure!

Google maps to the rescue. We soon figured out where we were and how to get back to our hotel and our car. We were just a half a mile away from the place we needed to be. Let’s just say we got our exercise for the day!

Moral to the story:  It’s more fun to get lost with someone you love, and not so scary either.

Written by Susan


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