What I Am Not Packing in My Suitcase!


It won’t be long until we’re on the road again! We will be heading out of state for my niece’s wedding. We have spent the past few days doing all the things you do to get ready for a road trip. Getting the car ready is always a good idea. Thankfully our children will look after the pets and our home while we are away. We have planned our route and made hotel reservations.

My wardrobe has been planned. This particular trip is a little different. We will not only be doing our usual road-tripping adventures along the way, but also participating in all the normal wedding activities. That means instead of the one suitcase I normally take I will have two and a hanging bag for all the essential things I will need! I must say it’s been fun putting together fall outfits for all the varied activities. It was great having a personal stylist, my fashion forward daughter Meggan, helping me! She even pulled each outfit together with the necessary accessories. This is such a departure for me from my basic navy, denim, and black that I usually carry on trips. It should be fun!

I am a list maker. I have even been known to make a list of all my lists just to make sure I don’t miss anything that needs to be listed! Today as I was going over my list of things I still need to gather up a new list begin to form in my mind. It is a list of things I need to take with me, but things I cannot pack in a suitcase. Here is my new list:

  • A grateful heart for a husband who enjoys traveling with me
  • Eyes that see the beauty around every turn
  • Anticipation of precious time with family making memories
  • A heart of compassion
  • A desire to experience new things
  • The ability to relax and enjoy the journey
  • Boldness to share my prayer quilt and the love of God

As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’
Matthew 10:7 NIV

….. still preaching this message as God’s ambassador. So, pray that I will keep on speaking boldly for him, as I should.
Ephesians 6:20 NLT

Written by Susan


1 thought on “What I Am Not Packing in My Suitcase!

  1. I just made a list tonight for what to try to finish tomorrow. I think I need to make more list because I get so easily distracted. Also, I like to check things off. I like clear evidence that I have done something necessary or worthwhile.


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