Prayer Power

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Four years ago we attended Elk Creek Church in McCall, Idaho with my cousin and her husband. As we were chatting with those sitting close by the Senior Pastor Eric Ova was introduced  to us. Four years ago I asked him to sign my prayer quilt. I was about a year into this prayer quilt ministry. I was struggling with the most efficient way to have folks sign the quilt and then have the “gift packet” readily available to immediately hand to them. At times it was very awkward.  The transition from one action to another was disjointed and difficult.

The struggle was so intense I almost quit several times! I felt ill equipped and unprepared. It was hard to overcome my fears. Fears I would stumble over my words or say something incorrectly. I feared that maybe people would not be receptive to my request. What if they became hateful or even harmful? For a time I let my fears run away with me and hamper my ministry efforts.

On top of my unfounded fears I faced another challenge that I had not anticipated. Not knowing. Not knowing how God had answered the prayer requests. Not knowing the people well enough to follow up in any way. Not knowing where the next signer would turn up. Looking back it boiled down to not being in control! I had accepted a call from God that was very dependant on God at work around me. In fact I had to let go and let God for the ministry to be successful.

Through prayer and careful consideration God showed me better and better ways to approach folks. He impressed me to buy only handbags that could accommodate all the things I needed for the prayer quilt ministry as well as personal things. I asked other godly folks to join me in the ministry. Marshall has become my right hand man. Helping me in so many ways. I started with one prayer warrior.  Today I have a dozen committed prayer warriors!

Today asking people to sign my quilt is second nature largely because my prayer warriors have asked God to give me boldness and provide divine appointments. He is faithful! He is also kind and compassionate. Today almost 4 years to the day God allowed me to get a glimpse into His side of the prayer quilt ministry.

As we walked into Elk Creek Baptist Church this morning the pastor walked up to me and said “I know you! I signed your quilt and you prayed for me!” I was amazed. Once again I found myself at a loss for words. I was blown away that this busy pastor remembered me! It was also very evident that he remembered the promise of prayer.  By his words and body language I know the prayer support was and still is valuable to him.

How sweet for God to allow me and my prayer warriors to be “ in the know”. I think I can say all involved in the quilt ministry are ok with the “not knowing” aspect of the ministry, but oh how sweet for God to let us get a glimpse from His side.

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.
James 5:16 NKJV


Written by Susan

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