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As we left Boise, Idaho I began to anticipate all that was to come as we drove toward Donnelly, and Shiloh Bible Camp. A big part of anticipation for me is remembering all the wonderful things I have experienced before. Anticipation can also take place when we have read about a place or event and heard first hand reports. I was eager to see my cousin Becki and her husband Jim.

As we drove I mentally checked off things I remembered from 4 years ago. The rich farmland dotted with irrigation systems raining down precious water making the fields lush and green. Then the scenery begins to change. The mountains that just a short while ago were in the distance are now in front of you! The scene is picture perfect. Mountains form a majestic backdrop for the pasture land we are now passing through. Herds of cattle graze peacefully. Clouds float across the mountain tops.

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Then suddenly we are climbing up, up into those beautiful mountains. We are among tall pine trees. The road twists and turns. The Payette River makes its appearance!  As the road continues to twist and turn the river seems to play hide and seek with us, first this side then the other side. The river doesn’t seem to know if it’s a lazy river or a river of roaring rapids! Is the river playing games with us?

All at once we are in the valley. We are very close to Shiloh now. We both are saying things like I remember that building, or that is new! Then comes the curvy bridge across the reservoir! Another postcard worthy scene. We arrive at Shiloh! It’s just as we remembered only better!

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That’s how I imagine heaven will be. Everything we have read in God’s word and so much more! It’s hard to even anticipate heaven. How can we comprehend streets of gold and mansions fashioned by God himself? It will be just like Jesus said but oh so much better. I am sure heaven will dazzle and amaze us. About the time we get accustomed to all heaven’s splendor we will reunite with those who have gone before us! Oh, what a day that will be!
In my Father’s house are many mansions; …. I go to prepare a place for you.
John 14:2 RV

Written by Susan

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