Hummingbirds, Thunderstorms and Mother’s Day


I have celebrated Mother’s Day as a mother for 44 years! Over the years I have exercised my mothering skills in various locations. From our home town Abilene, Texas to Bad Nauheim, Germany. As you might imagine some celebrations are more memorable than others. This year we had planned to attend church then spend a restful afternoon at home. It did not turn out exactly like that! We can be spontaneous and this Sunday after attending worship we decided to drive to Weatherford to visit one of our favorite department stores as part of my mother’s day celebrations.

The store was not busy making it a pleasant day to browse the clearance and sale racks. I have rules when I shop for clothing; comfort is a must, it should coordinate with the things already in my closet, easy care – no dry cleaning and I rarely buy at full price. Having considered all my rules I purchased 3 versatile t-shirts, buy one get two free! You gotta love a bargain!

As I checked out I asked the cashier to sign my quilt. She eagerly took the scrap of fabric and pen. As she signed she shared her story. Her family was waiting for her to get home so they could celebrate mother’s day together. While waiting for my family to finish shopping I spoke with several other store employees. All of them were thinking of mothers. Some had very sick mothers. Others were first time mothers and could not wait to get home to the little one who made them a mother! Still others were missing their mothers. Time and distance separated them. For some mothers this day is a day to grieve the loss of the one they called mom.

As we left the parking lot the car was full. Full of family, laughter, and bargain buys but our stomachs were empty. I am so glad we chose to eat at New York Hill restaurant on the way home. Not only is the food talked about far and wide but the down home atmosphere welcomes travelers along Interstate 20. There is another group that is welcomed every year, migrating hummingbirds! The porch is home to several feeders that the tiny birds kept busy. Picture windows along one side of the dining room allow patrons to bird watch while they dine. The birds are so accustomed to people you can take close up pictures standing on the porch.

After eating a hearty meal we spent a few minutes on the hill. An outdoor display gives some history of the area when the mining industry was booming. Many immigrants came to the area seeking work in the mines. Flags representing the countries of these hard working miners fly proudly. Those remembered on New York Hill are part of Texas history and heritage. They in part have helped shape Texas into the diverse state it is today.

On the road again we encountered a spring West Texas thunderstorm! One that comes up suddenly, the wind blows and it rains so hard you can hardly see, and lightning displays with claps of thunder punctuate the storm. Then the sun shines. The earth smells fresh and clean. The road glistens. All is calm.

Mother’s Day 2018! A day gathering quilt signers and their prayer requests.  A day realizing once again as humans, we all share basic needs and desires. We all need the love that comes with family no matter if you were born into the family or simply accepted as family. I am so very thankful for my family I was born into as well as those who accept me warts and all just as I am!

This mother’s day I have seen God. I saw God watching the hummingbirds dance around  the feeders. I saw a glimpse of God’s mighty power in the thunderstorm. I saw God in the people of the quilt. I saw folks with a deep desire for family relationship. Folks with compassion and concern for others. Folks eager to share from their hearts. That my friends, is a picture of God. Out of God’s great compassion He desires relationship with you and me. He is eager to show us his heart.

This Mother’s Day turned out to be more awesome than I could have imagined! God showed up!

Written by Susan

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