Fabric Scrap Messages


For the past 5 years I have been asking folks to sign my quilt.  Taking the time to ask a person his or her name has proven to be very rewarding for all involved. I have found people to be very open and willing to give me their name. In the beginning I was concerned about people being reluctant to comply. Now I realize people everywhere want the same thing. That is for someone to notice them. To be noticed as a person and not just the wait staff or store clerk. Folks want to be treated with respect and genuine concern. I now realize that a few simple heartfelt words and genuine actions can impact another life in tremendous ways.

When a person is singled out in a positive and uplifting way beautiful things happen. Just being interested enough to ask a person his or her name and then want to keep a tangible record of their name and how we meet sends a powerful message. A message I did not grasp at first. Some quilt signers are so excited about signing my quilt they go above and beyond what I ask!! Some display their creativity with mini works of art. Others leave messages. All sorts of messages. Message that make me laugh. Messages that speak of deep hurt and fear. Messages of an encouragement for me! Isn’t it funny how God will give you a mission to go and encourage others and in the process he allows others to encourage you!

In the beginning asking a total stranger for a prayer request was uncomfortable and a little frightening.  I prepared myself for rejections, maybe some yelling, and hopefully a quick getaway in the event of violence!  But strangely, folks respond positively when I ask if I and my prayer warriors can pray for a specific need in their lives. I have experienced some dramatic divine appointments that only a loving God could have planned and prepared! I hope I never stop being amazed by the folks God places in my path or the fact that God could use an ordinary quilt maker and some scraps of fabric in such powerful ways!

Written by Susan

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