Learning Things


We just celebrated our son-in-law Casey’s birthday. We have shifted our family celebrations from gifting things to experiences that generally include travel. The birthday boy or girl is usually given some options of day trips. Casey chose to experience the German food at Eve’s Cafe in Lampasas then a drive to the Recency Bridge. The day of our birthday adventure was a beautiful day filled with many photo opportunities, laughter and sunshine.

When I travel whether it’s day trips or long extended vacations I always come away from those adventures having learned things. Here are some things I have learned:

  • I really enjoy getting there. Wherever there is. I love the journey!
  • I like the mountains better than the beach.
  • I prefer the back roads over the concrete jungle of a big city.
  • Exploring, getting lost, and being spontaneous make the journey memorable.
  • Traveling has also shown me that I’m a planner and a list maker!
  • Meeting people along the way has enriched my life beyond measure.

Casey’s birthday adventure gave me opportunities to learn things. Like the fact that my daughters are afraid to be on a suspension bridge! This really surprised me. Our youngest daughter has always been something of a daredevil. Climbing before she walked. Pushing her limits. Even walking with lions in Africa! Our oldest daughter’s first choice of transportation was a scooter. She seemed fearless on that thing, making her mother a nervous wreck!

Getting a selfie with those two is usually fun and easy. Not on that bridge! Their fear and apprehension were obvious. With both girls hanging on to their mother we inched to the middle of the bridge and I snapped a selfie! As soon as the camera snapped they both headed for land as fast as their fear would let them. Thank you, girls, for overcoming your fear and venturing out of your comfort zones long enough to get a great picture and make a wonderful memory!

Fear can be a good thing when we have the right attitude. Fear that debilitates and hampers progress is not good. Fear that also holds respect is good. I use many different things every day that can be dangerous if not used in the proper manner. My car provides fast and convenient transportation but can be deadly. I must have a healthy fear of the consequences of reckless driving.

Fear comes with responsibility. We must determine what we will do with our fears. Allow them to rule us or shape us for the better. The world we live in today can be a scary place and we must use discretion and wisdom as we live our lives. Sadly, many folks are afraid to venture outside their comfort zones, missing opportunities to serve, explore and experience all the good that can be found.

Here’s a message straight from our Heavenly Father:  For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.
1 John 5:4 ESV

Written by Susan

1 thought on “Learning Things

  1. Yes it was fun and scary. Every time I thought about going to the edge the wind started blowing harder.


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