My Mom was a Hairdresser


My mom was a hairdresser. I grew up in a beauty salon. When she shampooed your head, it was bliss. A head washing and massage all in one. It was my “mini spa”.  Some of my fondest memories are of my mom and I at the shampoo bowl. I generally closed my eyes and just relaxed but sometimes I would look up at her and she would have smile on her face. It’s funny but she seemed relaxed too! Because of my mom I have always enjoyed going to the salon and getting a shampoo and style.

Often when we travel I will visit a local salon for one of my “mini spas”.  In Georgia I went to a very swanky salon with my sister where we were treated like celebrities! While in Jordan, Meggan and I went to a small salon close to our living quarters. Thankfully the salon owner spoke English. Everything was normal until time to rinse. Shockingly COLD water flooded over our heads! The rinse was then completed with warm water. After the shock of the icy water I found myself refreshed from the Jordanian heat. In the Dominican Republic there was a salon across the street from our hotel. English was not spoken at this salon and I do not speak Spanish! With hand gestures and a young school girl trying to interpret I finally got my “mini spa” and oh my it was wonderful!

Last summer while on mission in Tuba City, Arizona I found time for a “mini spa”. The salon was very trendy with several stylists. Each stylist made a statement with body art. Piercings and / or tattoos.  Bold, bright, neon hair color. Over the top clothing. It was not at all what I expected since we were on Navajo reservation land! However, the shampoo and style were exactly what I expected!

As I paid for my “mini spa” I asked my stylist to sign my quilt. And she did so with great artistry, drawing a celebrate pattern. The salon was not busy, so all the other stylists signed too. All the requests were what you would expect except for the only male stylist. He made a point to talk with me about his request in length. He was very concerned about the puppies in Tuba City! I have never gotten a request like that! The young man was passionate about the well-being of the stray dog population.

Praying for the stray dogs may not seem like a request to be taken seriously, especially when so many are suffering from so many devastating circumstances. Here’s the thing – God desires relationship with you and me! Because of that desire he cares about what you and I care about. The devastating horrible things, the funny things, and even the stray dogs we care about! God meets us where we are. Whatever it is that concerns you today take it to the Father.
Are any of you in trouble? You should pray. Are any of you happy? You should sing praises.
James 5:13 GNB

Written by Susan

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