Dogs and Cats and Henry Winkler!


Not all my quilt signers are human! Some of the human signers are not entirely honest! After four years of traveling the country asking strangers to sign my quilt I have learned to be ready for anything! So here are some of the more unusual ways folks have signed the quilt.

Jackson the golden retriever signed, or I should say “paw printed” my quilt in Georgia! Jackson is the mascot for an auto repair shop. We meet Jackson while helping my niece pick up her car after repairs. Everyone in the shop signed the quilt while Jackson happily looked on wagging his tail and nudging Marshall for back rubs. As we turned to leave he began to bark. The guys behind the counter said, “He must want to sign the quilt too”! So, with the help of the guys behind the counter we let him sign the quilt too. There were smiles all around that day.

At the Mississippi Petrified Forest, we met the forest cat. She is a beautiful tabby that follows you as you trek through the forest and tries to sneak into the gift shop. It seems the gift shop workers don’t allow her in because of all the mischief she can cause. However, as I was asking the person who waited on me to sign my quilt she informed me that the cat should sign also. She asked for another square, so she could include the forest cat in the quilt. She even went so far as to offer up a prayer request for the cat.

I do not think God is offended by this. I’m hoping it put a smile on his face as it did on mine and Marshall’s. We have pets that become part of the family. Some of our favorite Friday adventure pictures include animals, horses, cows, llamas, pigs, goats, and even dogs and cats! Yes, we are animal lovers.

Now about the dishonest quilt signer. We were dining at the Bucksnort Saloon in Pine, Colorado. My cousin and her family were our hosts. It’s a small place tucked into the mountains with lots of atmosphere. When I asked our server to sign the quilt others couldn’t help but hear my request. A family sitting close by became interested in the quilt. The preteen children really wanted to sign the quilt and hear all about it. So, I explained and passed out quilt squares for Mom, Dad and the kids to sign. As each family member handed back their quilt squares I read them to make sure I knew their names.

Dad grinning handed me his.  The signature not written in cursive but printed was Henry Winkler! He watched as I read what he had written. I looked him in the eye and ask him where his motorcycle was and why he wasn’t wearing his leather jacket. He slapped the counter and said “I was hoping you didn’t know who Henry Winkler was!” His children and wife made him put his proper name on the square.

In New Orleans, I met at a young man who was busing tables at a restaurant while waiting for his big break. He told me he was a music artist and someday he would be famous. He would not tell me his name because he is now known by a symbol! He told me one day that square would be valuable. I want him to know that the square would have been valuable with the name his Mama gave him. I want him to know that God knows his name regardless of how he regards himself. I want him to know that God considers him valuable enough to bankrupt heaven for him!

For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life.
John 3:16 GNB
Written by Susan


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