All I Want is a Simple Adding Machine!

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My ten key adding machine died! I use it for my long arm quilting business. I tried using my calculator on my phone and it does do everything I need to figure cost for clients. But with tax time here I need to run tapes for our tax person. So off we want to look for a simple adding machine. Simple is the key word in that plan!

First stop a well-known office supply store. When you are shopping with intention and purpose, have you ever felt invisible? You pass store employees who are chatting about what they did last night or the latest work gossip. They are so engrossed in their conversation they don’t know you exist? Or even worse, the ones who seem to be looking in your direction, then you realize they somehow can see through you to a customer across the store! Invisible! Just the opposite seems to be true when I am leisurely meandering with no specific item needed. Every single store employee greets me, asks if I need help. Sometimes I think there must have been a secret code on the loudspeaker that alerted employees to my presence!

Not finding a simple adding machine, one that does not require going back to school to be able to turn the thing on, we head to Walmart!!! Maybe your Walmart is different than my Walmart, but sometimes just parking your car and getting inside can make you feel like you have run an obstacle course! We’re not even going to talk about what one might see in any Walmart on any given day!

We made it inside safely and headed to the office supply section. No adding machines that we could see! Here’s where the story gets surprising. There is a store employee close by, he is observant, he is eager to help!! With his help we find the simple ten key adding machine of our dreams! The store employee seems thrilled that we are so happy. I must confess when he first approached us I was doubtful of a positive outcome. He was wearing a large neck brace that kept his head in an awkward position. He seemed to always be staring at the corner of the ceiling. To look at us or the merchandise he had to turn and twist his entire body with great effort. I tell him he has to sign my quilt so I can remember him and his great customer service. He beams and obeys, I tell him my prayer warriors and I will pray for him. He seems surprised, but smiles even bigger. As we start to walk away, he stepped in without a word and hugged me as he whispered “Thank you so much for everything. “

That day in Walmart I thought all I needed was an adding machine. God knew I needed more. More acceptance and tolerance of others. Less judgement, more compassion and mercy. Less focused on self and more eager to extend myself to others, no matter the circumstance or my personal agenda.

Command them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share with others. 1 Timothy 6:18 GNB

Written by Susan

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