The Three Amigos!

three amigos

On Friday Adventures we sometimes have specific places we’re going. Other times we just take county roads. We’ll drive on these county roads until we come to an intersection – then it’s decision time. Right, left, or straight ahead? Sometimes we find unique or even weird things.

Once we were driving down a small farm to market (FM) road. To our left on another FM was a windmill. Susan has to take windmill pictures for one of her friends, so we turned. As we are going to the windmill I spot a small pig standing atop a round hay bale. I thought this would be a great picture, but before I could get turned around, I spy this little pig running towards us. Running alongside it were two young dogs about the same age as the pig. I got out to take a picture and here they come.  All three ran under the fence. It was not much of a fence, but it was probably for larger livestock. All three were at my feet rubbing against my legs.  It was very difficult to take pictures, so I just rubbed their heads instead.

We dubbed them the “Three Amigos” because it seemed like they did everything together. That’s what we should do.  Find someone to share our experiences with.  Make new friends as you go!

So that you show sincere brotherly love for each other, from a pure heart love one another constantly. 1 Peter 1:22b CSB

Written by Marshall

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