I am Marshall


Hi, my name is Marshall. Susan has told you some things about us. I met Susan riding around one of the local drive-ins where all the teens went. We dated for two years and then Uncle Sam came calling. We got married between advanced training and me being deployed to Vietnam.

After Vietnam we started our family. Being in the Army wasn’t easy sometimes for Susan because she had to be mama and daddy when I was gone. This is one reason I love her so much. I know it was a hardship, but she never complained. We spent eleven years in the Army then we came home, and I then spent nine years in Texas Army National Guard.

We have spent many years serving our church in many ways. I have taught 1st graders for about 22 years. Someday I may get to promote to the next grade! We have gone on mission trips both stateside and abroad. Each time I feel I been blessed more than the people we have gone to serve. God has blessed us over and over each and every day.

Now that we are retired we do a lot of traveling. We meet new people, see new places, and get to share our faith to those around us. It’s a time for us to spend together, laugh, share our thoughts, and talk about our dreams of what is to come.

Well this is me a normal guy who loves his wife, raised his children, worked his job, and serves his Lord.

Written by Marshall


1 thought on “I am Marshall

  1. You are a treasure Marshall! Glad you married into the Sager family!


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