Meet Susan and Marshall

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I think it’s time we meet! Hi, I am Susan! Marshall and I met when I was just barely 16 and he was 18. He said I love you first! From that day to this, his love has been steadfast and true. While we dated and eventually married our country was involved in the Vietnam war. When Marshall enlisted in the Army it made me nervous and afraid. We were married four months when he headed to a war zone. After Vietnam we became a military family.

Eventually we came back to our hometown – Abilene, Texas. As I look back on our life together I have much to be thankful for. I must admit I did not always enjoy being the spouse of an Army Sergeant. Most of our active duty years Marshall was in the field as much as he was at home. It wasn’t easy. My heart goes out to spouses and family members of active duty personnel.

Back to why I am thankful for those difficult years…. We lived in three different states and a foreign country during the eleven years of active duty service. I am grateful and thankful for those moves and the challenges each brought. I learned some very valuable lessons:

People are people. We all want the same things-someone to love us, someone for us to love, something meaningful to do, good friends, to be appreciated, and you get what I mean.

No matter where you live it is home while you live there, so embrace it. Learn about your new environment, your new neighbors, the culture, the food and the cool things to see and do in your new state or country.

Most importantly, if you look for good, chances are you will find good, but if you look for bad then bad will find you!

Now after 47 years together and two daughters, we are retired! Those things I learned as a new bride and young mother still serve me today. I love to travel both close to home and far away. Traveling provides so many possibilities, opportunities, and adventures! One of my favorite things is meeting people and trying new things.

These days we travel with intention and a purpose bigger than us. I ask folks to sign my prayer quilt and then my prayer warriors and I pray. It is a simple but profound thing. Making others feel special, spreading God’s love in a non-confrontational or judgmental way, accepting those we brush up against just as they are. The same way Jesus accepts folks, right where they are, exactly how they are.

YES, I am thankful for this life God has given me. I am thankful for the godly man that asked me to share his life. I am thankful for my family who loves me and puts up with me.

Written by Susan

2 thoughts on “Meet Susan and Marshall

  1. Beverly White Lynn January 23, 2018 — 10:11 pm

    Susan. This has been so wonderful! I love reading and adventuring with you. God uses you to sew sunshine, live and grace.

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  2. I loved reading it. I am also a military wife and Ron is now retired from the Air Force. I love reading your Friday adventures, always wonder where you will be heading,

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