Bathroom Confetti


It was a couple of days into our family holiday trip. We were slightly road-weary and in need of some of the things that a convenience store had to offer. The girls and I made a bee-line for the restrooms while the guys pumped gas and washed windows. The convenience store was well maintained and appeared to be new.

The restroom was spacious, bright, and clean except …. there seemed to be confetti all over the floor!

The confetti stopped us in our tracks. On closer inspection it wasn’t confetti at all but tiny bits of toilet paper, everywhere! Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to decorate the bathroom. Needless to say, we were giggling and sharing ideas as to how and why this much toilet paper confetti was on the floor. Each new idea was a little more imaginative than the last. The more we guessed what might have taken place the more we laughed.

Finished with our bathroom business, we turned our attention toward refreshment. As we walked down an aisle we were greeted by a store clerk ordering and straightening shelves. With a big grin on his face he asked if we had a good time in the restroom. It seems our laughter could be heard throughout the convenience store! I did my best to explain the situation in the restroom. He said he was sorry for the mess but glad we had a good experience anyway.

I have this rule of sorts. If someone speaks to me then that is an open invitation for me to ask them to sign my quilt. So, I ask this gentleman to sign my quilt. Without hesitation he began to write. He was a pleasant happy man who found joy in the ordinary things around him. I think of him often. I pray he continues throughout his life to grab joy in those unexpected moments. Actually, that’s not a bad prayer for any of us.

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24 NLT

Written by Susan

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