Road-trip to Suzzett’s Fabric, Quilts and More


Our Friday adventure took us on a road-trip to Italy, Texas! Our planned destination was Suzzett’s Fabric, Quilts and More. The shop sits nestled among farmland on the edge of Italy. A small sign on a metal building announces your arrival. What the building lacks in charm, Suzzy, the owner makes up for with her warmth, quilting knowledge, and genuine interest in her customers.

The shop is filled with bolts of fabrics. There are lots of pre-cuts as well, and notions are plentiful. Just as you enter the shop, she has a beautiful display of Texas wildflower fabrics. Just what I was looking for! One of my friends at church is making gifts using Texas wildflower fabrics. These gifts will go with our mission teams as thank you gifts to the host missionaries and interpreters. Suzzy was great helping me find the perfect print for the project.

Of course, I asked Suzzy to sign my quilt and she did gladly. As our conversation turned away from quilts and fabric to prayer we realized we had much in common, Our love for Jesus and serving in our respective churches. A sweet spirit filled the quilt shop as we shared our mission endeavors, prayer concerns and blessings.

I hope to go back to Suzzy’s quilt shop one day soon. I recommend her shop to fellow quilt makers. Our GPS found her easily here’s her address:  200 Hamrock Road, Italy, Texas.

Tell her hello for me!

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