Last Year – Paris, This Year – Italy


Last year I took my wife and youngest daughter to Paris. Last Friday, I took my wife to Italy and didn’t even leave the state of Texas!  As you can guess Paris and Italy are two small towns in Texas. Paris is north of Dallas and Italy is south of Dallas.

Italy is your typical small town in Texas. With a quaint downtown area with shops and businesses. Italy is also the home of . They build dome structures for all kinds of uses. We saw some that were used as rental property. Some that were single-family units and quadraplexes, neither were very big. The quads had four rooms that had a space for a small bathroom, a small kitchen, and a bed.

These domes can be built in different sizes and configurations. MDI’s manufacturing plant is made up of seven domes that measure 60 feet by 24 feet making it 240 feet long. The area of this building is 14,000 square feet which is cooled in the summer by a 5 ton air conditioning unit and needs no heat during the winter. These domes use about 50% less energy than a conventional home. Since they are built with steel-reinforced concrete, they are resistant to most natural disasters such as fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. These things are pretty neat and I might look into them a little deeper.

You’ll never know what you will find on a Friday Adventure on the back roads of Texas.

Written by Marshall

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