Candies, Hand-delivered from God


“Will you sign my quilt?”  For three and half years I have asked people across the United States and parts of Canada that simple question! I have only had one gentleman refuse to sign because he feared he would mess up my quilt. His co-workers signed for him! I have had the privilege of seeing people from all walks of life react to that question. From young adult to senior citizen they almost always react the same way. They simply want to help another person out and they usually like that it’s an easy request to satisfy and a unique one!

Over and over we hear things like “How exciting, I’ve never been asked to sign a quilt before” or This makes me feel special”. Many times, folks are taken off guard when we give them the small ‘thank you packet.’ Some get very excited over the three small pieces of hard candy included in each packet. I really did not expect people to get excited over three pieces of candy! In fact, I contemplated not adding candy to the packet at all. While others immediately read our thank you note, usually responding with “No – thank YOU!.”

This week while out running errands I did not intend to ask anyone to sign my quilt. I was trying to cram as much into a short period of time as I could. But God had other plans. As the young woman behind the counter helped me, God begin to impress upon me the need to ask her to sign my quilt. As our transaction ended I asked her the question, “Do me a favor and sign my quilt.”  With a squeal of excitement, she eagerly signed. Her prayer request was heartfelt, prayers for people she loves. Then I gave her the thank you packet! She looked it over and said, “These are my favorite candies! How did you know?”. My response could only be “I didn’t know, but God did! “

Here’s the very interesting thing, I make up two or three hundred thank you packets at a time. I use multiple bags of candy that are all mixed up on my table. No two thank your packets have the same combination of candies. It truly was a God-thing that she got that thank you packet! I hope God’s lavish love never ceases to amaze me!  He knows us intimately, to the point of knowing what our favorite candy is. Sometimes he even has them hand delivered to us!

It is a humbling blessing when God uses my hands to show himself to others.

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