Chocolatey Friday Adventures


It’s a Friday Adventure time in Hico, Texas at Wiseman House, fine handmade chocolates! We have passed this establishment several times on the way to somewhere else and always commented “We should stop there sometime”. Well it was “sometime”! If you find yourself in Hico, Texas make it a must-stop place. We were not disappointed. There are rooms of chocolates, some made by hand locally. They are as yummy to look at as they are to eat! We found chocolates from around the world as we meandered from room to room. Also a great variety of handmade truffles. I love dark chocolate and they had a wonderful assortment of dark, as well as all the other varieties. I don’t see how anyone could come out of there without finding something to tickle the taste buds! You will find chocolate-themed kitchen and gift items for that special someone who loves all things chocolate!

The atmosphere in the shop is warm and inviting. You are welcomed as if you were family returning home. Even the gardener working out front greeted us warmly! Once inside the house we were greeted by another warm friendly smile. The smile belonged to a very pretty soft-spoken woman who was great at her job, allowing customers to roam the store but always close at hand to offer information and free samples that could be found in small jars throughout the house. She was very knowledgeable about chocolate.

As we made our way through the chocolate filled rooms, we shared the space with another husband and wife team who also seemed to be first time visitors. We made our way to the handmade chocolate case to make our selections. We asked the soft spoken woman to sign our quilt. The husband and wife team had made their way to the chocolate filled case as well, so we invited them to sign also. When I hear things like “Wow, I’ve never been asked to sign a quilt before!”, or “this just made my day,” it makes my day too! We talked about why we get folks to sign my quilt, we asked for prayer requests and promised to lift the requests to the Father. We laughed, exchanged handshakes, and shared a few moments together that seemed to mean something to each of us. This thing we do with my passion for quilting, has shown me it takes so little to brighten someone’s day and spread God’s love to those you bump up against.

As we paid for our truffles I noticed this quote posted by the registers:

Chocolate – proof that God is good…..very good.

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