The Invisible Maid


Our stay in Cuba, New Mexico provided many opportunities to get to know some of the local residents. We got to know most of the staff at the motel. Everyone from the owner, to the housekeeping ladies, were anxious to help when needed. As the motel staff came across my path, I asked them to sign my quilt.

The maid who cleaned our room always did a great job. All thirty members of the mission team ate breakfast and dinner in our room or its patio! Each team member made themselves a sack lunch every day, too! Not only did the maid do an excellent job, she was always smiling, no matter how messy our group was. She deserved a medal! I asked her to sign my quilt not knowing she did not speak or understand English well. She grew up on the reservation and had not been taught much English. When it became necessary for her to come into the city to find work, the motel owner was the only one who would hire her.

Because of the language barrier, she thought I had a complaint and was accusing her of writing on my quilt! Before either one of us could understand what the other was saying, the motel owner had to get involved. She quickly got the mess straightened out. The maid was overwhelmed. She had always felt invisible. She had never learned to write her own language, but not wishing to dishonor such an act of friendship, she allowed the motel owner to write her name. The kind motel owner signed the quilt for both herself and the relieved maid. The next day the owner brought some of her quilt projects to show me. We had “show and tell” on the motel parking lot!

Respect everyone, and love the family of believers. Fear God, and respect the king.
1 Peter 2:17 NLT

Written by Susan

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