A Cluster of Windmills!

On our way to Saint Jo, we came upon this assortment of windmills! ! What a find for folks who are always on the hunt for a windmill sighting! We hit the windmill jackpot! Speculation about why such a group of Windmills would be there ranged from “It must be a windmill conference” to “A windmill reunion”. I think it’s more likely someone’s prized collection. They were arranged artistically, and placed prominently on the roadway. They all were in good working order even though some appear to be quite old. By the condition of these windmills we know someone holds them as prized possessions. Someone had taken time and effort, as well as money, to place those windmills. Obviously they hold some significance. Whether it is a nod to our forefathers pioneering spirit or a tribute to simple, yet efficient engineering, it is evident that they have captured our attention, admiration and imagination. In short, there are folks that hold windmills and all they represent dear.

It reminds me that my Heavenly Father holds those of us who chose a relationship with his son Jesus as his prized possessions.

And we, out of all creation, became his prized possession. James 1:18b NLT

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