Windmill Hunting

WindmillsWhether we’re traveling in our home state of Texas or striking out cross country I’m always looking for windmills. They’re not for me, although I love them. We search for them, so we can photograph them, post the picture on Facebook and tag my friend, Sharon.

Sharon and I have been friends since high school. She is the sort of friend that makes herself available, always ready to listen, encourage, build up, and give that little bit of constructive criticism when needed. Like I said, she’s a real friend. We all need that kind of person in our lives. Sharon is the first one who encouraged me to pursue the prayer quilt. She has been a faithful prayer warrior for me and Marshall and those who signed the quilt for the last three and a half years. Thanks Sharon, I love you.

Back to the windmills, I’m not sure why I started sending her pictures of windmills. I think I posted a picture of one and she commented how much she loved windmills. Sending her pictures of windmills is just a very small way I get to say thank you,  and hope you have a blessed day. When Marshall and I are out on one of our Friday adventures or going cross-country we try to find a windmill for Sharon. When one is spotted, there’s a spark of excitement in the car. Marshall usually says, “Is your camera ready?”. When possible, we stop and try to discover the windmills most photogenic angle.

Hunting windmills has taught me a better way to approach people. When we spot a windmill, we don’t judge it. We accept it the way it is. Some are in perfect working order. Others have been neglected and show the evidence of wind and weather and no maintenance whatsoever. Each one has character. If it could talk, I’m sure the stories would hold my interest. The most important thing is we don’t judge them where they are!  I’m doing my best to approach people the way I do windmills without judgement or prejudice. To accept them as people with hurts and joys, dreams and fears, successes and failures, the same as me. The way Jesus approaches you and me. Thank God right where we are! Then Jesus said,

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28 NLT

Written by Susan

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