A Happy Restroom Sink

We love farm to table restaurants. If you find yourself in Stone Mountain, Georgia you should eat at the “Sweet Potato Cafe”. The food is excellent, sourced locally, with most of the vegetables and herbs grown fresh in a garden beside the cafe. As we walked up to the cafe our salads were literally just being picked! The atmosphere is relaxed southern hospitality combined with great service. There were eight of us dining the youngest was three and let’s just say everyone else was OLDER! The reason I mention the age gap is I have been to these types of restaurants and they don’t always cater to the younger diners or boisterous families like ours. However we order from all over menu and then sampled each other’s food because it was so good. Our three year old heartily and joyfully announced her approval of the food. I’d say that speaks volumes. This little unassuming cafe not only provided many tasty dishes but the restroom provided serendipity as well! One of our party return from a visit to said restroom with glee saying “you got to go see the restroom, be sure to wash your hands!”

At first glance nothing out of the ordinary seems to be happening in the restroom?! Then when you turn on the tap and water starts to flow IT LIGHTS UP. Not only lights up but flashes and changes color! Well I had to have a video. So here we all are enthralled by water flowing out of a faucet! It doesn’t take much to entertain my family! Thankfully it was early afternoon and the lunch crowd had left. The staff giggles and laughed with us. It seems they love watching folks react to the sink!

I just love those unexpected little surprises, like sinks that flash multi colored light, and wait staff who mischievously wait for folks to discover it! It was the perfect group of folks to ask to sign my quilt! Everyone from our waitress to the couple who owned the cafe signed, chatted, shared dreams and challenges. We became friends even though we may never see each other again. I think of the happy restroom sink and the mischievous cafe staff often and breathe a prayer for the Sweet Potato Cafe.

Written by Susan

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