The Little Green House in the Pasture


I have many fond memories visiting my cousin and her husband in Idaho. They are part of a team that manages the Shiloh Bible Camp. It is always rewarding to hear about another season of summer campers and to help with odd jobs around the camp. The location of the camp is a big plus, nestled in the beautiful McCall Recreation Area. From the camp, you can see snow capped mountains that ring the valley.

When my cousin and I get together we are more like sisters than cousins who have always lived states and sometimes countries apart! When I am visiting, we always find time to slip away for some fun adventures in the quaint little villages in the area. The road to just about anywhere else takes us by this abandoned little green house. It sits on the edge of a lush pasture that backs up to beautiful mountains. Cattle graze contentedly, while ospreys nest atop the telephone poles. It is a postcard scene.

This abandoned house always captures my imagination as well as my heart. I think it could be a really nice little house to call home if someone would just care enough to fix it up. In all the years we have visited, it is always the same. Neglected and forgotten. I want to know the stories of the folks that have lived in the shelter of the little green house. I wonder why it is not cared for. Not needed any longer. I will probably never know why the home was left behind to fall apart and crumble. I guess that’s part of what makes the house so intriguing; the mystery it holds.

Sadly, there are many humans left behind, like the little green house, falling apart and crumbling. They have stories to share. Needs to be meet. They long to know someone cares. That’s what the prayer quilt is for some of its signers. The thing is, most of these folks look just like you and me. Their broken and crumbling spirit is not visible.

That little green house is a reminder that we need each other. Everyone we brush up against carries his or her troubles, struggles, difficulties, pain, and on and on goes the list of burdens we humans carry every day. The prayer quilt helps me realize it takes so little to make someone feel noticed, cared for, even loved. This thing I do, asking folks to sign my quilt has changed me. It has changed the way I see people. Now I see individuals. I see need. I see stories that need to be heard.

Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2 NLT

Written by Susan

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