AWOL Needles


Stitching fabric into something functional and beautiful has been more than a hobby for me. When I was a mother with 2 small daughters, sewing was a way of life. Back in the day it was cost effective to make clothing, especially for little girls. Eventually I entered the world of quilt shops and sewing, for the pure joy of creating. My sewing machine is like an old friend, always ready and responsive.

I also have always been drawn to working with my hands. I love holding a soft piece of cotton fabric between fingers and needle. Hand stitching a quilt binding or working with embroidery threads to create whimsical designs gives me much joy and satisfaction! The rhythm of the needle in tandem with the fabric is therapeutic. Often a few minutes stitching revitalizes me.

That’s the upside of hand stitching. The down side is lost needles and pins! For me needles are especially troublesome. Once needles are free from thread they become elusive, slippery things that hide between seat cushions, in the carpet and even in the folds of clothing! If they were not a vital part of the process I love so much, I would discard everyone I own!

It can be dangerous around my favorite chair! On one of Marshall’s outings to his favorite hardware store, he bought me a treasured tool, a small but powerful magnet to help locate those AWOL needles! That little magnet attracts and pulls in anything metal around it. What a great example of what my faith life should look like. I want my life to be such that others see Jesus in my words and actions. I want to be someone who encourages, smiles, uplifts, expects good, works hard and enjoys life! I believe folks who try to do that on a regular basis just might be the kind of person we all want to be around.

 Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men. Colossians 3:23

Written by Susan

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