The Runaway Waitress!


waitress 1We had worked up an appetite after an afternoon exploring Whitefish, Montana. Locals had guided us to a small locally owned restaurant. The place was packed with tourists and locals alike. Our cute young waitress seems a little distracted but still gives prompt, courteous service. As she drops off the check, I ask her to sign my quilt. She smiles faintly and begins to sign. I start telling her the part about it being a prayer quilt. She stops without finishing her name and runs away! I can see has run to a prep area where another young woman and she are talking. They seem to be crying! Both Marshall and I are stunned! This is an unexpected reaction! Neither one of us knew what had just happened. Had we offended her? Was she angry? One thing seemed certain she was UPSET!

She came back to our table wiping tears off her checks. She begins to explain, “My friend and I always come in to work early to pray for each other,” the tears begin again, “Today we had to clock in and go straight to work because we were so busy.” She runs away again with tears flowing. Marshall and I look at each other. He speaks first “What are you going to say to her?” I don’t know, Marshall doesn’t know but God knows! We both silently beg for God’s wisdom.

She returns more composed. As she completes her signature my mouth opens, and these words inspired and breathed by God come out “God wants you to know he loves you enough to send someone from Texas to pray for you!” Her composure is lost again but she does not run away. She cannot speak, her body speaks for her. She clings to me as I stand to leave.

Walking to the car, I feel the sweet dampness of her tears on my neck and breathe the first of many prayers for her and her praying coworker.

Written by Susan

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