Carousel Hunting!

For me a road trip is as much about the journey as the destination. I love to find those out of the way lesser known attractions. On our way home from Georgia this fall I did a little research on Meridian, Mississippi one of our overnight stops. I discovered The Lucile Rosenbaum Dentzel Carousel House. Armed with this newfound information we expectantly head for Meridian. What makes this ironic is we stopped in Meridian on our way to Georgia and completely missed it!

The Carousel house is in Highland Park. The park itself is a large rambling park with picnic areas, athletic spaces, a pond that is home to a group of ducks and some interesting architecture. Squirrels scamper from tree to tree as I discovered what must be a vintage drinking fountain with its own gazebo! The tile work was inspirational for the quilt maker in me.

It was a perfect day to explore. It took a little effort to actually find the Carousel house. After asking other park goers for directions we find the unassuming building that houses the dentzel carousel! The building was not open to the public the day we were there, but the many windows in the building allow visitors to view the 1802 Dentzel carousel.

We had a great time exploring Highland Park, I am so glad we took the time to find this Mississippi jewel. The thing that sticks in my mind is how we missed it a week earlier! We had even stopped to eat a picnic lunch on the edge of the park, but we were so intent on our planned itinerary that we missed all the park had to offer. It makes me wonder how we could have missed all this the first time?

I must return to the reason I love to travel. To experience what a place has to offer. Some places offer up experiences readily, while others must be searched for and discovered. I must take time to enjoy all of life’s journeys. Sometimes I am so intent on a goal, like getting down the road, I miss the beauty and joy right around the corner!

Written by Susan



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