Dancing In My Head


This idea that God himself was bringing folks who wanted to talk to me right to my window danced around in my head for several months. For more about folks coming to my window, see the post “ Road Tripping With A Suction Cup Sewing Kit”. Now could I just start talking to total strangers about God?! That would certainly fall under the heading of evangelist or “nutso person”. I have been called lots of things, but never an Evangelist! So the only other option was “nutso person”! Now I admit to being spontaneous, ready for lighthearted adventure and even a little silly at times, but this was way out of my comfort zone. I managed to push the idea of talking to  strangers about God out of my mind mostly until….

I attended a quilt guild meeting. The program was all about signature quilts. The speaker had a plethora of vintage and new signature quilts that caused the dance music to play a different tune! What if I asked people to sign my quilt? Everyone who came to my window wanted to see my quilt-in-the-making. They all had an Aunt Sharon or Granny Nancy who made quilts. Sometimes the one at my window is a quilt maker. The quilt seemed to  give an instant connection and make conversation easy.

Somehow I would combine the art of signature quilt making with talking to strangers about God. Oh, Heaven, help me,please!

So we are Christ’s ambassadors.  2 Corinthians 5:20a

Sometimes we dance our way there and the dance isn’t so pretty. This time it wasn’t about the dance but rather where it took me.

Written by Susan

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