Road Tripping With A Suction Cup Sewing Kit … it might be dangerous!

suction cup

Since my days as a taxi mom, I have always kept a portable sewing project close at hand for those times when I found myself waiting for band practice or some other activity to end. My days as a taxi mom have long since ended, but I still continue to carry around some small project to work on in the car. Getting ready for the Canada mission trek I felt like I needed a special project. So off to my local quilt shop for inspiration. The quilt you see pictured below is what came out of that trip and the nearly 5000 miles we traveled to British Columbia and back.

suction cup quilt

For this project and the miles to go hand-in-hand I needed some special tools. I fashioned a sewing kit that attaches to the window of the car using a suction cup shower caddy. It was just what I needed! It also attracted a lot of attention as we stopped along the way. Sometimes folks would be waiting by our car to excitedly tell us they knew what the purpose of that device was. Other times they would be waiting to ask us what in the world was that thing?

It was all fun and games, until we got to the United States Canada border.  Marshall anticipating what was to come, rolled down the two front windows before I had a chance to remove the suction cup sewing kit! Just about the time the border patrol person walked up to my window, the portable sewing kit flew off the window,.Thimbles and scissors flew in every direction! Needless to say, the gentleman standing at my window was not real happy. As Ricky Ricardo would say to Lucy I had some ‘esplanin’ to do! Eventually the border patrol gentleman was confident that we were harmless and allowed us to enter Canada. I would like to say that incident only happened once but I cannot say that…. Let’s just leave it with… we made it back to the United States with all my thimbles and scissors intact, but the suction cup sewing kit a little bit worse for the wear!

Back at home, as we reflected on our journey to Vancouver, we realized my sewing in the car had generated many encounters with people we brushed up against along the way. Also, we were engaged in many interesting conversations that would not have happened had it not been for that suction cup sewing kit. As I reflected on the road-trip-sewing-project I realize God had brought many people to me simply because of that silly suction cup sewing kit. God seem to be saying ‘I’m bringing people to you, why aren’t you sharing my love and encouragement with those people?’ Why indeed was the question. Here we were intentionally traveling, hoping to leave encouragement as we went but overlooking the people that God was bringing direct!y to my window!

Written by Susan

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