What We Left Behind


While preparing to go to British Columbia on mission, working with Chinese immigrants. our Mission Pastor challenged our team to be intentional as we traveled,\. He went on to suggest that the ‘mission’ started long before we would arrive in Vancouver! Our job on this trip was to cook for the team and provide crafts for the Vacation Bible School that other team members would lead. We also were committed to drive all the necessary supplies into Canada. ROAD TRIP!

We prepared for that trip with excitement and anticipation! It was not the first time we would be in British Columbia but it was the first time we would be trekking the 2000 miles by car. As we went across the United States,  we left Gospel tracts for folks to find. I spent some time finding the perfect ones. I looked for ones that spoke of comfort and peace.  I found one that talked about how each one of us is special. I wanted to leave encouragement and comfort and love behind. Oh, and did I mention we didn’t just leave tracts in obvious places… we even PRAYED for those who would find the tracts.

We felt like we had been intentional as we traveled.  It even became a fun challenge to find new ways to leave our messages of hope and love behind. We determined we should continue to be intentional travelers.

But God had a bigger plan!  More about that to come!

Written by Susan


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